Hello there. I am Maurits Overmans, and I advise, support, and perform (interim-) management in companies within the "good health and well-being" (SDG 3) and "quality education" (SDG 4) domains.

My experience in these domains

Co-founder and CEO at Aristotle Technologies

It's our mission to enhance the daily functioning of 1 million people that were hindered by information overload by the year 2030.

It's my job to build and lead a team, create commercialisation and funding strategies, and manage goals and milestones to promote the execution of our mission.

Our integrated software and hardware solutions provides your organization with the flexibility to train your end-users in situations where daily functioning is hindered by information overload to develop and enhance perception, processing and execution skills for improved daily functioning.

Entrepreneurial Learning Coach

It's our mission to introduce students to entrepreneurship as a business opportunity, and something that allows them to have an impact. Impact can be social or business-wise, but entrepreneurial learning introduces a different mindset.

I provide support to facilitate workshops and serve as a coach to other students with the aim to empower (student) entrepreneurship. This also includes supporting the efforts of promoting entrepreneurship, such as by networking with alumni and local entrepreneurs, and assisting with the development and implementation of materials, such as creating lesson plans, researching case studies, and developing presentations.

Fellow at Sigma Squared Society

It's our mission to empower the world's most ambitious founders under 26.

Sigma Squared is a global community of 1000+ entrepreneurs who are on a mission to transform broken industries and create positive impact. Sigma Squared was previously known as the Kairos Society which started in the United States more than 13 years ago in 2008

With a presence across five continents and 25+ countries, we identify and empower the next generation of leaders by providing them with access to like-minded founders, investors, mentors, partners and events.

About me


I am deeply driven by my personal experiences and am committed to enabling individuals to thrive both personally and professionally. I envision a future where well-being stands as the core of daily life, enriching every personal and professional endeavor. A future not just for our generation, but for the ones to come. Yet, I am a firm believer that to truly make a meaningful impact on society, we must join hands and stride forward in unity.

With a foundation in biomedical engineering, complemented by entrepreneurial experience, and consultancy expertise, I am adept at leading interdisciplinary teams and steering innovation-driven ventures. My background equips me to communicate value propositions to diverse audiences in both the academic and industrial realms.

This leads to my passion for translating real-world experiences into actionable insights that empower impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Let’s commit to making a positive impact, together.


"Maurits Overmans is a highly talented young entrepreneur, a natural leader. Under his guidance Aristotle Technologies is growing from a student team into a very promising tech startup. Maurits has a deep understanding of the conditions successful startups require, easily takes advice on how to realize these, and pursues this in a relentless manner. Based on personal conviction, Maurits truly seeks to fulfill the mission of Aristotle - improving the daily lives of people that need to deal with information overload. He is able to convey this to the Aristotle team, to partners and customers, with whom he easily interacts."
"In my coaching position in the ISP course at the TU/e, I have been in close interaction with Maurits, while he was leading Aristotle's team to address a complex and important challenge such as cognitive training to combat the stress. Thanks to his particular capacity to provide leadership and strategy orientation, Maurits managed to mobilize the team while constantly providing guidance and helping everyone to stay motivated and stick to the final objective. His innovative approach to addressing difficulties through a sound strategic vision and implementation of the daily tasks flavored by his always optimistic attitude has paved the way to provide a technically doable and business-wise viable solution for the challenge owner, i.e. the PSV Eindhoven. "
"Maurits gave me the incredible opportunity to complete my internship thesis project in UX design at Aristotle. From the very beginning, I was captivated by the story of Aristotle and the innovative spirit that drives the team. Maurits immediately welcomed me into the team and made me feel like a valued member from day one. He has a gift for identifying each person's unique talents and strengths. He is always ready to listen, offer guidance and support, and create an environment where everyone can thrive. If you're looking for someone with a proven track record of leadership, collaboration, and innovation, I highly recommend Maurits. He is a true inspiration, and I'm confident that anyone who works with him will benefit from his knowledge, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence."

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